What is TokenFunder? TokenFunder is a global crowdfunding, security token issuance and governance platform that helps startups access global capital through blockchain Initial Token Offerings (ITOs) and enables investors to access the new world of blockchain digital finance. For details on the TokenFunder opportunity and the larger vision read the Offering Memorandum.
What is an Initial Token Offering? An Initial Token Offering is a crowdsale of a blockchain digital token in exchange for digital (Ether) or Fiat currency ($CAD). Participants in an ITO receive tokens in exchange for digital or fiat currency.
What are Blockchain Tokens? Blockchain tokens allow for conventional assets, financial instruments or services to be digitized and represented on the blockchain.
What Blockchain Technology does TokenFunder use? TokenFunder uses the public Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum is a next-generation programmable blockchain on which we are building the TokenFunder Smart Token Asset Management Platform. Read more about Ethereum on here.

TokenFunder’s ITO

Where can I find the TokenFunder Offering Memorandum (white paper)? The Offering Memorandum is here.
Is TokenFunder regulated? Yes. Token Funder is regulated by the OSC (Ontario Securities Commission) and the Canadian Securities Administrators. For more information see the OSC decision document.
What is the price of a FNDR token? Are there minimums or maximum amounts I may invest? The FNDR token is available for investment at a rate of 1 FNDR token for $0.05 CAD or Ether equivalent. There is a minimum investment of $100 CAD or ETH equivalent. There is no maximum amount of investment allowed as long as you qualify.
What is the amount of the ITO raise? What will the money be used for? We are raising a maximum of $10,000,000 CAD. The raise will fund the build out of the regulatory compliant Smart Token Asset Management Platform (STAMP) and TokenFunder business operations. See our Offering Memorandum for more detailed information.
Why do I have to do KYC (Know Your Customer)? The Ontario Securities Commission requires KYC for investor protections. By collecting your KYC information you are protected by the laws in Ontario as an investor in TokenFunder Inc.
Do I need to be an accredited investor to invest in the TokenFunder ITO? No. TokenFunder was built to allow for ‘everyday investors’ to participate. If you are an accredited investor and wish to invest more than $2500 CAD, contact us directly at info@tokenfunder.com to make arrangements.
How long will the FNDR token sale last? The FNDR sale will last until all of the 200,000,000 tokens are sold or until April 30, 2018.
Is the FNDR token considered a security? Yes. The FNDR token is a security with distribution rights. For more information see the Offering Memorandum.
Who is the OSC? What is the OSC LaunchPad? And why are they in your Offering Memorandum? The OSC is the Ontario Securities Commision. It is responsible for regulating the capital markets in Ontario, Canada. For more information on the OSC, see www.osc.gov.on.ca. The Ontario Securities Commission’s OSC LaunchPad engages with fintech businesses, provides the opportunity for support in navigating the requirements, and strives to keep regulation in step with digital innovation.
Do I get voting rights? Yes, FNDR token holders will get voting rights once the platform is ready. Specifically, FNDR Token holders will have the ability to vote on proposals for new token issuance projects on the platform.
When will the platform be ready? The timing of development of the Smart Token Asset Management Platform depends on the amount of funds raised through the Initial Token Offering. Our Offering Memorandum describes the modules we expect to build but our launch will be in phases. We anticipate that the first version of the platform will be available within one quarter of the closing of the ITO. The ITO may be open until April 30, 2018.
I am an experienced Ethereum developer. How do I submit my CV? TokenFunder is always looking for talented team members. If you like what we are doing and would like to join us, email your CV to info@tokenfunder.com