September-December 2018

Launch First Token Portfolio

August 2018

Regulatory Registrations II

July-August 2018


June-July 2018

Regulatory Registrations I

June 2018


TokenFunder’s STAMP (Alpha) is announced.  FNDR token holders given first access to the platform.

April 2018

Close FNDR Initial Token Offering

TokenFunder Launches Canada’s First Regulated Security Token on the Ethereum Blockchain

May 4, 2018 – Toronto, Ontario – Token Funder Inc. (“TokenFunder”) announces the launch of FNDR tokens, Canada’s first regulated security token on the Ethereum public blockchain. TokenFunder is a pioneer in the new world of digital finance, and leads the way on decentralization of tokenized assets, also known as cryptoassets. On April 30, 2018, TokenFunder closed its regulated initial token offering (” the ITO”) of FNDR tokens which represent a dividend-like share of TokenFunder’s future profits.

November 2017

Launched FNDR Initial Token Offering


TokenFunder proudly launched Ontario’s first regulated Initial Token Offering (ITO) in November 2017.  Outlined in the ITO Offering Memorandum, FNDR Token Holders will have rights to future distribution of the operating platform.

October 2017

Received Canadian Regulatory Approval and Launched Initial Token Offering

TokenFunder CEO, Alan Wunsche said “TokenFunder has been working with the Ontario Securities Commission’s LaunchPad for the past year to define an innovative funding model for businesses. Our offering will give investors the comfort of knowing that they are purchasing a security that can stand up to the scrutiny of regulation. Many investors want to participate in the new world of digital finance and expect companies to provide safeguards. Canada is respected globally for having a trustworthy financial services industry thanks to regulatory governance.”

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November 2017 -

Built Advisory Team

Throughout 2017, TokenFunder assembled an Advisory Team of industry experts including software development, startup investment, and capital markets. The TokenFunder team conducted legal, regulatory and technical research and development with a wide network of experts to arrive at an appropriate business model.

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November 2016

Established Token Funder Inc. (Ontario)

Token Funder Inc. (“TokenFunder”) was established in November 2016 at the outset of the growth of initial coin offerings. TokenFunder immediately joined the Ontario Securities Commission LaunchPad program, with the vision of operating a regulatory-compliant token issuance platform and eventual market in Canada.